Why us

WIN-WIN Marketing

Win Win Fidelit-T Marketing was founded in 2012. We have designed and developed a Customer Loyalty and Virtual Marketing Software Suite of Solutions. Our tools:

We create a custom VIP loyalty card with your branded image (plastic and/or virtual). Customer accumulate points they can redeem for rewards.

We offer an email editor that allows you to send automatic or manual communications to your exclusive database.

Your customers can invite their Facebook and Twitter friends to join your program and get points for doing so.

We create and design your own Mobile APP with your branding that customers can download from the Apple or Android app store.

Surround you business with a Geo-Fence. Crossing it automatically sends a push notifications to the member's smartphone.

Analytics : reports and vital statistics are readily available for the merchant to see the revenue generated by the loyalty program and return on investment.

We offer a simple and easy to use API that allow you to connect to most POS systems and other software platforms. We are integrated, among others, to Lightspeed, Maitre D and Best.

We also offer solutions for E-commerce, Web Design, Graphic Design and Marketing Consulting services.

Hundreds of retailers with outlets in thousands of stores and boutiques use our innovative solutions.


Why should you install a “Fideli-T” program?

Increase customer visits with a loyalty program by motivating and rewarding them to make one extra visit per month

Supply targeted marketing solutions with emails, text messaging and social media using state of the art modern economical methods

Generate new business with community services by helping them in fund raising

Make business decisions easier with meaningful statistics

Boost business on slow days

Retain and find loyal customers

Do a better job communicating and keeping in touch with customers

­­More traffic means more customers and, ultimately, more profits.