Social Media

Social Media

Your loyalty program encourages your customers to promote your business. Social networks are the new marketing tools of the 21st century. Just as newspapers and television have been for several decades, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, now reach millions of people in a few clicks and for a fraction of the price of traditional media.



Suppose you have 4,000 loyal members …

2000 (50%) of them communicate on social networks …

If they have an average of 100 friends each, you will have access to a network of 200,000 potential customers …

If 1% of them become VIP members, you have just recruited 2000 new customers.

Quick references

The best way to find new customers is to advertise to your VIP’s  friends utilizing their social network contacts. As a result, your VIP members will earn additional points for referring to their friends when they become a VIP member and your customer base will grow substantially.


The member also has the ability to refer from his smart phone.