Integrated email editor

Custom Canvas

The user controls everything that is displayed.

Automated with birthdays, special events, incentives after a period of inactivity, etc.

Allows you to set the sending criteria

Enables customers to view their points and rewards online

Allows to reach the right customers at the right time with the right message

Integrated to the email are all of the Fideli-T functions : See my points, refer a friend, make a reservation, my promotions, my account and our website.

WinWin Email Editor

Simple and easy, just drag and drop the content you want to add. You choose one of the many structures available to you. Once the structure is added, you can drag and drop the content from the ” Content ” panel. The text content offers a full text editor : added links, bold, italic, font changes “Font Family” etc.

The member’s links direct him to his “client space” to modify the information of his account, refer a friend or see his coupon. The links to your business will already be configured in our system.

Standard canvas

The standard canvas with commercial colors includes a user-modifiable part and an identical part from one e-mail to another (standardized).

The user can modify:

  • image, if desired
  • the title
  • the text

The header displays the merchant’s banner. It serves as a “branding” and is displayed in all emails.

Standard Customization

The user chooses the image that appears under the banner of his business.

It enters the text that appears below the images.

The links allow the member to access his account information and refer to his friends.

These links appear at the end of the editable part of the email.

Graphic Designer

The work of a specialized graphic web designer, a service offered by Win-Win Marketing, will ensure the quality and performance of every detail so that emails reach customers at higher rates.

The designer’s support for the production of emails using the customized canvas guarantees the professional image of your marketing.

This option is useful for e-mail style newsletters or to present products graphically.