We build a customer rewards system to the merchants requirements.


Many options with multiple formats for standard and personalized canvas.

Mobile app

The mobile branded APP cements the client-member relationship using fun tools directly targeted at the loyal customer.


Statistics are readily available for the merchant to see the revenue generated by the loyalty program and his return on investment.

Make more money with existing clients

We believe that every business should own a loyalty program to be able to communicate effectively and cost efficiently with customers to build customer loyalty and sustain growth. Sign-up today for a FREE Fideli-T trial with no monthly commitment!

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Basic Package

Perfect to start and to learn how to master some basic features of our software suite.

A package that combines, time efficiency and application performance. With 3 built-in features, this package is perfect for beginners. Welcome, reward system and referrals a friend are made to get started!


Pro Package

A middle of the road package that allows you to use all features of Fideli-T with certain volume restrictions

An in between package will bring you everything you look for to attract customers to you. You can use the email editor as well as scheduling 1 automatic sending per month.


Business Package

The ultimate package that allows you to access all the features offered.

Used by most of our customers, it allows usage of all modules with an unlimited database and transactions. You will also have acces to all future developpements and updates.

Why install Win-Win’s Loyalty Program?

Reward customers for spending more money with you – but only after they spend more with you.

Increase customer visits with a customer loyalty program by motivating and rewarding them to make one extra visit per month

Supply targeted marketing solutions with emails, text messaging and social media using state of the art modern economical methods

Generate new business with community services by helping them in fund raising

Make business decisions easier with meaningful statistics

Boost business on slow days

Retain and find loyal customers

Do a better job communicating and keeping in touch with customers

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­More traffic means more customers and, ultimately, more profits.