Analytics and statistics

Subscription Report

The information available to you at the top of the page is summary statistics about your registrations.

Registration graph

This graph displays the number of people registered per branch and those who have registered via the web. It is also possible to see the graph representing the total number of registrations per month.


This report displays statistics on the business performance by postal code. Information relevant to your members is displayed such as:

  • Where are they located
  • Dollar sales and percentage
  • The average value of a transaction by region
  • The percentage of your customers in this sector

You can click on a specific area to display it on Google maps. This feature allows you to view the territory occupied in this particular postal code.

Sales Report

Summary statistics are available, including reward, when your system uses the Accumulation Compensation method at X points. The sales chart shows sales by branch. A second graphic is also available that displays average sales per month per member.

Reward Report

All information on this page is valid for our customers who use a reward system at X number of points. You can also compare the rewards sent to those used.

Report coupons

This page gives you statistics on all the coupons sent to your customers. You can, at a glance, evaluate the use of your coupons.

Transaction Report

This report displays the volume of transactions at particular times of the day. Like the sales chart, the transaction chart shows the number of transactions per branch.

Average transactions per member per month

This real graph example gives you the average transaction per member per month since the Loyalty system was implemented.

Visit frequency

This page helps you to evaluate client activity and the visit frequency. The summary displays the number of active members. This graph shows the number of members who bought each month.

ROI : Return on investment

Pie chart depicting the amount ($) invested compared to the amount received. This report shows an accurate picture of the Return on Investment of your Loyalty Program.

Email detailed analytics

Email details include

  • Total number of emails sent
  • Percentage of emails successfully delivered
  • Email opened
  • Promotion clicked
  • Click on refer a friend
  • and other useful information